Even Without Prime: With this trick, Amazon offers free delivery

Shopping on Amazon is usually convenient, fast, and free of shipping costs – unless your order is below the minimum order value of € 29. Then the online retailer asks for checkout and asks for postage. If you want to go around this, subscribing to the premium service Amazon Prime can help. For 69 € a year or 7.99 € a month, you can not only access Prime Video and Prime Music live streaming services among many other benefits, but you can also enjoy faster and free shipping, regardless of the order value. If you’re not primarily interested in the benefits of a Prime membership, but still want to order from Amazon without postage, in many cases delivery fees can also be saved in other ways – legally and with little extra effort. Don’t you believe? Then read on!

Discover highly discounted offers

No postage with this delivery option

In addition to shipping to the address you have stored regularly, Amazon also offers delivery to the pick-up station. In addition to the in-house Amazon lockers, this could be DHL Packstation, Deutsche Post subsidiary, and Hermes store. If you choose this shipping method, you will have to pick up your goods from the respective storage location, but you will save shipping costs in any case. These are not required when shipping to a so called Amazon pickup station. No serious problem, there are just a few things to consider.

You have to be aware of this

The article must be expressly qualified to be delivered to a receiving terminal and sent by Amazon. Accordingly, orders are removed from the Autonomous Shipping Marketplace providers. Additionally, purchases via Amazon Prime Now express delivery and the Amazon Fresh grocery division are excluded from this option. To take advantage of the opportunity to save postage, select the delivery option “Free Standard Shipping” when placing your order and then choose a pickup station. Amazon indicates the official website To the service that is delivered to the receiving terminals subject to capacity and availability restrictions. So it can happen that the option is not available from time to time. But bargain hunters should definitely give it a try.
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