How to create live wallpapers for your mobile phone

A staple of current conversations on social networks, GIFs, this type of picture with animation that repeat in a loop, are also used as emojis to express mood suddenly or as a substitute for already written sentences. There is no need.

More of a veteran than it sounds, GIFs weren’t born on networks like Messenger, Facebook, or Twitter, but they’ve been around since 1987 and no less.

GIF as mobile wallpaper

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) It is very common nowadays that we use it daily with emojis. And we all have a GIF that we love to see and never get tired of it.

Would you like to have this GIF as wallpaper on your Android phone? Well, it is possible with this application that we present to you: GIF Live Wallpaper. Is this how you work:

Search Google or websites like Giphy for an animated GIF that you want to use as wallpaper and save it to the phone memory. Download GIF Live Wallpaper app from Google Play Store once you open it, Search for a GIF The one you saved to download now the app will give you a choice GIF mapping: You can change a file CutsAnd the s’aligner Picture, Around, To move forward Faster loop, Is the Background color, You can also revert the changes if they don’t convince you when you already have something to your liking. Accept the changes
Now hit ‘Set GIF as wallpaper, And choose if you want to Splash screen Mobile, or at home and on The lock. that simple.

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