How To Enable Hidden Plate Gesture On iPhone Or Android

Description of the article on how to enable hidden disk gesture on iPhone or Android

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Shortcuts and gestures will help you make the most of your phone in less time. Thanks to the release of iOS 14 and the efforts of third-party developers on Android, you can now access a very useful new shortcut: tap the back of your phone to launch apps, take screen shots, and open the camera.

Tap on the iPhone again

If you are using an iPhone, the setup process is very straightforward because the back tray feature is configured. iOS 14. Since you have the necessary sensors, you need an iPhone 8 or later, a phone that supports Tap to Wake. You did not get the back plate option IPhone SE, For example.

If you are using a compatible handset, go from Settings Access, Then Touch, Then Then tap To run shortcuts and determine how they work. Both can be enabled and configured Double tube And Triple plate It gives you two different shortcuts that you can run in a second if you want.

Description of the article on how to enable hidden disk gesture on iPhone or Android

Screenshot: iOS

There are plenty of system shortcuts you can assign to dual or triple taps, including taking a screen shot, waking up the phone, turning off your phone, locking the screen and opening the control center. You can also launch various access shortcuts, including voiceover and magnifier features.

Further down the list you will find a selection of Siri shortcuts including custom ones you set up earlier. No Siri shortcut Can then be assigned to tapping, which means the possibilities are almost endless. Back trays can change the configuration of your phone, work with files, record photos and videos, pull information from the web, and more. Thanks to Sri Shortcuts, you can tap back with any app you like.

Description of the article on how to enable hidden disk gesture on iPhone or Android

Screenshot: iOS

The double or triple tap starts the process you selected, and the second double or triple plate repeats it (where applicable). In disabling your phone, for example, the back plate shortcut acts as a mute and mute switch; If you set it to open the control center, the back plate will show, and then hide it.

There are some IPhone gestures Beyond the ordinary things you have discovered or forgotten. Swipe down the text input box to hide the keyboard or swipe left and right to remove digits in the calculator app or double tap to zoom in on Apple Maps. You can read about some more gestures here Here.

Tap again on Android phone

Back tape is a little more complicated for Android users because it is not a feature built into the software on your handset. There were signs that it might appear Android 11, At least for pixel phones, but eventually Google decided to pull the plug-in to see if it will show up in a future update.

Third-party developers inserted the gap, especially Kieron Quinn XDA Developers Social. His app is called Tap, Tap, and it should work on most Android phones. However, it is still in beta, so you may notice some bugs or some inconsistencies on your own specific device.

Description of the article on how to enable hidden disk gesture on iPhone or Android

Screenshot: Android

Tap and tap is not available at the time of writing in the Google Play Store, so you should visit This forum thread From your phone, follow the download link in the first post, and then tap the security alerts that Android will show you about installing unknown software (yes, you can trust this app).

Once you open the app, you can set up and test the sensitivity of the tap, and get the app with Android’s access service so it always ‘listens’ to your trays. You should also make sure that you do not close the Android app to try to save battery life, but tapping and tapping again will guide you through this process.

Description of the article on how to enable hidden disk gesture on iPhone or Android

Screenshot: Android

When you get to the main screen of the app, you can further configure it: Select Double plate actions And Triple plate actions Then tap to choose what you want to happen. You can launch apps, take screenshots, activate Google Assistant, and more. The app allows you to set “gates” when the taps are on and not working when the display is off, or you can turn them off while on call.

Tap and Tap is still beta software and may be prone to occasional bugs, but it actually gives you more control over Apple’s built-in solution. It’s great for launching a camera, directing web search, viewing your notifications, and more. Like iOS, Android supports a variety of gestures you may not be familiar with, some of which we have collected Here.

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