Monster Hunter Rice Case Revealed In A New Business

Sharp fans of the series heard Keshu cry Monster Hunter RiceS DGA 2020 Trailer, But it never appeared again. However, there was “Charging Wiren” Officially revealed In a new ad for the game in Japan.

Look at “Monster Hunter Rice TV Commercial Teaser Collection ”video below. This gives us a view of the case at 0:15. Other than that, there are scenes of the DGA 2020 trailer mostly in the trade.

Keshu appeared first Monster hunter Game for PlayStation 2. The Wire that appeared earlier Monster Hunter4 And Generations of Monster Hunter. It does not appear inside Monster Hunter: World.

The ad also got another look at the newly revealed new monsters Somnakanth and Pishten. Somnakanth is a Levite, which is similar to Mitsubishi. Pishaden is a new funk animal that resembles a kecha vacca and has the ability to throw and store fruit.

Monster Hunter Rice Will not introduce new weapons, but will feature various new actions and moves for fourteen weapons. Check out the arms trailers to see what’s changed:

Monster Hunter Rice Will be released globally for the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. A demo will appear for a limited time in January 2021.

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Veronica Tucker

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