How to find a phone number online

Once upon a time there was a yellow pagesOn the bulletin board, you forget to gather the dust until you look up a phone number. Then came the Internet, which sped the obsolescence of phone directories until they were completely gone. Now the yellow and white pages are antique furnishing items, but the need that has justified the existence of slates for decades has not disappeared.

We were in the past and we still find ourselves now in case we have to Find a phone number, and perhaps in a globalized and interconnected world is a more frequent scenario than in the past. So how do you find a phone number, or worse, a file Mobile Phone Number? It may seem like a given question, but it isn’t. Fortunately, the answers are many, and unfortunately finding a phone number is not always possible, especially if it is a mobile phone number.

Find a landline number هاتف

The most used Internet options for finding a landline phone number are: white pages, whose portal allows you to find the phone numbers of individuals and professionals, for example yellow pages, which focus instead on the search for companies and professionals.

white pages It allows you to search for a user by name and surname or company name and address to find out who corresponds to the address of the house number and by phone number, that is, to get the name of the person who called from the phone number only (of course if this agreed to the registration).

yellow pages It is instead the perfect solution to find a fixed phone number for a company or a specialist, but it is also recently considering mobile numbers for those who have decided to include them. Both Yellow Pages and White Pages have free apps for iOS and Android.

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Infople This is another service to consider when finding the phone number of an individual and a company.

Find a mobile phone number

TelephoneIt is not at all easy to find a mobile number: most of the time it takes several searches, and it is not at all clear that although there is time and patience in the end, you will succeed. This happens because mobile numbers are not grouped into lists, which still exist, that’s right, but the numbers they decided to join are entered.

Among the lists are those for TrueCaller Based on Dive 3000Portals that allow you to search among the mobile numbers of subscribers of the platform / list provided that you, in turn, subscribe by sharing your number with other subscribers.

The fastest alternative to lookup a mobile phone number is The Google, on which a person’s name and surname can be entered, in the hope that he or she will use his or her mobile phone number for work and thus end up in the world’s most used search engine. You can also try to do some work manually, search for the person for example Instagram: If you use your account for work, you may have listed your mobile phone number in Curriculum Vitae Social.

A very popular online service to find a mobile phone number is synchronization, which also contains apps for Android and iOS. With social and informational sources from Google among its sources, it often turns out to be one of the most effective ways to track a mobile phone number. But pay attention to the privacy policy.

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Find the name of the person who called

TelephoneTo try to track the owner of an unknown number, options abound. white pages he have “Search by number” For years, it was among the first portals in Italy to offer this kind of possibility.

If it’s a mobile phone number, the old, always valid trick is to store the number in the phonebook and then search for it on The WhatsApp: It is unlikely that in 2021 the average individual does not have WhatsApp, so this trick can reveal a lot of useful information.

Another help to find the name of the caller Facebook social networking siteThe most widely used social network in the world. The result is not guaranteed, but you can try to paste the unknown number into the search field and hope for luck.

If the above three options do not return results, then it is possible that the unknown mobile number belongs to the call center. To know that there are quite a few options: the first and most convenient option is the application google phone Available for free for Android devices. It automatically recognizes spam calls thanks to Google’s unlimited knowledge and warns us of a possible unwanted call even before we answer.

Anyone who does not have an Android smartphone can use it Tellows, a collaborative service in which subscribers are interested in reviewing numbers they know something about. Or you can paste the unknown number manually The Google, which always maintains an in-depth layout of the network. If there is an opportunity to put a puzzle around a number, Google usually does not betray.

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