How to fix sound problems on iPhone

L ‘My voice The person’s own property Iphone The volume is too low, causing difficulty to hear the ringtone when a call comes in, message notifications, apps or alerts? Don’t worry: This is a problem that many Bitten Apple mobile phone users face, especially on iPhone X or earlier models. Fortunately, there are several solutions to overcome this annoying problem.

iPhone, ringtone and alerts are too low

If the low volume issue is related to a file Tone that they Notices It is possible to work in different ways to tune your device. First of all, it is important to check if the phone is not set silent mode; To do this, simply perform a quick visual check on the left side of the screen.

Slide switch allows you to apply Mute The phone is in the case of receiving calls, messages and notifications. If activated, you can see a thin red line next to the button. In that case, just swipe in that direction to deactivate the feature and start listening to your chosen ringtones again.

Nothing “silent”? There is still another check to be done, this time within the settings of your iPhone; This is where the problem sometimes lies.

You can go to Settings > Sounds & Haptic Feedback and locate the “Control”Ringtone and alertsAs you move the slider, the phone plays the user-selected (or primary, if never edited) music clip to the sound Just a group. CAUTION, however: even if silent mode is activated, it is possible to hear the call tone; So it is always best to check before proceeding.

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Another detail that should not be underestimated is that of the so-called “emergency contactIn fact, these contacts are not silenced in case of calls, even in the above mode as well as in “Rest” or “Do Not Disturb” mode. This is all the more reason to give these privileges to people you trust completely.

iPhone, low overall volume

iphone soundAs it happens with many others smart phone, even those of Apple that have been bitten allow you to control the general volume through a file keys placed on the side of the device. With them, you can adjust the volume of active calls, listen to music, and much more. The only exception is to deactivate “Edit with keys”, always in the “Ringtones and Alerts” section; if the selector is off, it will not be possible to use the two buttons for this function.

When you press a button, the iPhone displays one on the screen slider With a very specific icon: a Loudspeaker In the case of the public folder, the icon Bluetooth If a device connected via this protocol, such as headphones or external speakers, is currently connected and active. It is helpful to always have notes on what is being modified, thus avoiding any incorrect changes.

iPhone, call volume is too low

iphone soundAs expected, during a phone call, it is possible to adjust the iPhone volume by pressing the dedicated side keys. If, under pressure, he is slider On the Show Shows placing the cursor at the far right of the cursor, it means the level has been reached maximum sound It is not possible to move forward.

If so, another attempt to make: It is possible to rely on Loudspeaker from the mobile phone. Doing so is simple: while you’re talking, move the phone away from your ear and make a file Faucet icon “My voice“Last place to the right of the first row of icons on the interface”; To stop listening through the phone speaker, you can press it again.

If the headphones are connected via Bluetooth, the Faucet On the icon, it will allow you to select “iPhone” as the audio source (i.e. the phone used) or the earphones themselves can be identified by the presence of the model name (or any other name specified by the user). To adjust the volume, even here, the two side buttons are useful, increasing or decreasing the volume.

Additional help can come from using AirPods or Beats headphones. Compared to others, in fact, they have more accurate management menus available.

It allows you to set a filelow sound Take advantage of certain settings in the “AccessibilityIt can be accessed from the path Settings > Accessibility > Hearing aids, allows you to adjust noise management, tone of voice in calls, and more for better use of the device. pure MFI ملحقات Extensionsaudio equipment,Made for iPhone’, they can be paired through the same section for use during calls (on the other hand, others can do the pairing in the menu Bluetooth in “General”).

To start or answer a call directly with Hearing aids Compatible, again from the settings, you can select the selected device from Accessibility > Touch > Call Forwarding, as well as specifying whether you want to automatically answer phone calls or not.

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iPhone, low volume due to hardware issues

iphone soundThe overall volume, despite all the necessary checks, is still low or even insufficient? The question may hide some mamagna . level hardwareIt should be faced in a completely different way from what has been attempted so far by adjusting the mobile settings. Two physical elements in a mobile phone cause this situation: Amplifiers or the Show. In fact, the hole intended for sound diffusion can be so dirty that it requires careful cleaning (performed alone or by ordering the intervention of a specialist).

If the dwelling appears to be unobstructed, it may be present sound problems Created by the component, such as needing to be replaced by professionals. even some Screen damage It can negatively affect the sound quality; Sudden, violent falls can cause fractures that make sound reproduction more and more important over time. Better check before it’s too late.

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