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Ubisoft + Landing on consoles Xbox: At the same time as the announcement of the Rainbow Six extraction on the Xbox Game Boss from day one, the French company revealed on Twitter, and promises more details soon.

There were rumors last March that Microsoft was trying to bring Ubisoft + to the Xbox Game Pass, but we did not (yet) summarize the post by the French House on Twitter.

Update: Confirmation has come that Ubisoft + will not be included in the Xbox Game Pass. The rest of the original message is as follows.

for now Xbox Game Boss In fact, it is not named, so Xbox owners can access the subscription as it did in the beginning. EA Play… However, the game ended up in Boss, at least in its less rich version.

In short, there is no escaping: Microsoft service is so centralized within the Xbox environment that Ubisoft + will not be introduced in a traditional way, without adding it in any way in the subscription.

For those who do not know yet, Ubisoft + is the only digital platform currently available on PC, allowing you to download all publisher titles from day one for 14.99 per month.

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