How to make a classic omelette with an air fryer


Today we will find out how to prepare it Classic omelette in air fryer.

Yes, even omelettes can be cooked in our inseparable air fryer. As you can imagine the result is not a good omelette greasy, but at the right point it will be swollen, soft and golden. Plus, since you don’t have to turn it in half in the recipe, you won’t break it!

Is the classic omelette A quick quiz Ideal for bringing something good to the table when you have some time to prepare. Of course you can enrich it with cheese, ham, onion, spices, lettuce and more.

Let’s look at some simple steps to properly cook an omelette in an air fryer. We also give you a recipe on how to make it Eggs boiled in an air fryer.

Classic omelette ingredients in air fryer

  • 5 eggs
  • Ground Parmesan cheese
  • Sale
  • Chopped parsley
  • Extra virgin olive oil spray


Break Egg In a large bowl, add a pinch Sale And this Ground Parmesan cheese, Then beat them.

Spray a little Spray with oil In a bowl and pour the mixture into it.

Put the pan in the basket of air fryer and cook 200 20 for 20 minutes, You have to turn the omelette in the last 5 minutes.

Remove the omelette from the pan and bring to the table! Tastes like fried in a pan, not related to the baked omelette.


If you want to stuff your classic omelette, pour half of the mixture into the pan, then add a little ham or some pieces of cheese and cover with the remaining flour.

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Cooking time may vary depending on the model of your deep fryer, so we recommend cooking from time to time to avoid burning it.

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