How to make Signal a secure chat

Signal in between Messaging application More secure thanks to the use of End-to-end encryption, But it also provides other options to keep your accounts private. Among these is a possibility Recording blockdell’account, So that in the event that the phone number is stolen, no user can steal the account, or the ability to verify the person you are talking to, using Safety numbers. Additionally, it offers potential Self-destructing messages Based on Hide notification contentAnd so that your conversations do not appear from the lock screen, which anyone can access through the phone. Here’s how to get started making a Signal chat Even more secure for your privacy.

How to enable recording blocking on Signal

Users after making a file First registration Can adjust Lock with a PIN codeSo that if someone in possession of the phone number tries to register again on another device, they will not be able to do so without knowing the security code.

To adjust the mass you need Signal initiation, Rent Click on the profile icon In the upper left corner, select Privacy> Blocking Register and read the notification that will appear on the screen to inform the user of the necessity Save the PIN Otherwise, he will not be able to register again. After entering the PIN, the changes should be saved and the code should be written down in a safe place, or even better in a password manager.

How to verify the person you are talking to on Signal

Signal allows you to Check out the user Who are you talking to by using a series of codes called “Safety numbersTo view the safety number of a contact you start a conversation with, tap the contact’s name and select Display safety number. To be sure a user really is, both of them should see their security numbers, in order to have a privacy-protected conversation.

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How to enable hiding of messages on Signal

Application reference privacyI am Self-destructing messages They are the best way to erase information. Signal, Beside cable, You are allowed to set Self-destruct timer So that the messages disappear after being viewed by your contact.

for every Enable the messages to disappear Need to start Signal, Open one conversation, Click on Contact name At the top of the screen and go to Conversation settings. Then select Message disappearing and drag the slider to set the timer that starts from a minimum of 5 seconds to a week. This way, both the sent and received messages will disappear after being read. However, both contacts will always be able to take a screenshot of messages before they disappear, unlike Telegram which disables screenshots on Android and sends notifications if they are made on iOS devices.

How to hide notifications on Signal

When you receive a file Message notification Received in SignalOn the phone lock screen, this may display the contact name, the content, and possibly other actions. The messaging app allows you to check any of them Notifications contents In the end Hide it. To do this it is necessary Open the app, Rent Click on the profile icon, To determine Notices And then Exhibition And choose one of three options:

  • Name, contents and procedures: This default setting does not hide any incoming notifications
  • Name only: The notification contains the contact’s name, but no other information
  • No name or content: You will see a notification, but neither the contact’s name nor what they wrote will be displayed.
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How to enable Signal blocking

Application reference privacyFor more Level of privacy, The user will be able to enable Signal lock screenThis means that every time you want to open the application, you will have to use the same system used to unlock the phone screen, which was chosen from pinAnd the Fingerprint Or the Face recognition. To set a screen lock Signal initiation, Act FaucetUser icon, Then on Privacy, Specify screen’s lock And choose The lead timeThat is, the time after which the app asks for unlocking again. Save changes, the app will now be more secure.

Check and disconnect connected devices remotely

Signal provides the ability to contact Five additional devices To an account, in addition to the main smartphone. For this reason, the app allows you to remotely control and disconnect devices associated with your account at any time. To do this it is necessary Start the application, Rent Click on the user icon Then select the item Connected devices. If you want to disconnect one, you have to do Select the device from the list, Then swipe left and tap Disconnect And confirm your choice to complete checkout. In this way, it will always be possible to maintain maximum security and privacy.

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