How to Move Your Files from iPhone to Mac Without iTunes

How many times have we found ourselves needing to transfer files between our iPhone and Mac and looking for a quick and easy solution?

The answer to this need is coming MacX Media Trans, an innovative software that promises to significantly simplify this process. If using iTunes for these functions has always left you unsatisfied, or if you're looking for a more straightforward and quick method, you're in the right place.

Transfer files from iPhone to Mac without iTunes – (Source Canva)

MacX MediaTrans stands out for its versatility, offering many features designed to transfer files between iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and your Mac. Not just photos, but music, videos, podcasts, books More teeth. One of its key features is its ability to perform high-speed transfers, eliminating the long waits common to using iTunes or AirDrop.

One of the most appreciated activities is definitely the connected one Music library management. With MacX MediaTrends you can add or remove music tracks without going through iTunes. Create and manage playlists intuitively right from your Mac.

Preserving precious memories

Transferring photos and videos from iPhone to Mac not only frees up space on your device, but also keeps your most precious memories safe. Creating a Copy your files to your computer You can rest assured that this data will not be lost in the event of loss or damage to the mobile device.

Move your files from one Apple device to another easily and quickly – (Source Canva)

Especially for those who are concerned about their privacy, it is important to underline that this software can protect their multimedia files. Advanced encryption settings.

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Another significant feature is about the potential it offers MacX Media Trans: Convert audio and video formats to existing Compatible with iOS devices. This feature is very handy when you want to watch or listen to some files with formats that are not originally supported on your iPhone or iPad.

Intuitive interface and simple installation

The user interface of the program is designed to be intuitive and accessible even to less experienced users. The installation process follows a few simple steps: After downloading the software from the official website (also available in a free version), all you have to do is Open the dmg Download and drag the icon into your Mac's Applications folder.

Use this to connect iPhone to computer USB cable Follow the on-screen instructions to authorize the computer to access the data provided with the device. there Photo management It takes place through a specific tab within the application, where you can export them from the device to the computer or import others previously saved on the Mac to the iPhone.

As with photo management, Videos too Thanks to the special features in the software, you can easily transfer them between devices. section Dedicated to music Instead, it allows both the easy insertion and removal of music tracks from an iOS device and the customized creation of playlists.

Ultimately, thanks to its many features and its user-friendly interface, the MacX MediaTrans tool is the ideal solution for anyone who wants a useful and efficient system to manage their data transfer between iPhone/iPad and Mac without meeting the usual barriers of standards. Provided by parent company Apple.

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