How to protect your conversations

Check out a trick to put a lock on WhatsApp. So you can easily protect all your conversations.

New trick for instant messaging application (via screenshot)

Among the big problems Share We will definitely find out Internet Security. In fact the instant messaging application has been working for the last few years Protect all personal content Of all its users. However, security systems are often inadequate, especially for more discerning users. Many people searched for precisely this reason External solutions Protect your conversations.

So most geeks have found a way to protect their conversations. To do so, in fact, the app can be downloaded Ceratura-Uplock. Additionally, this third-party application can also be used Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In fact this application allows you Lock with password Applications that contain important information. Can use own Fingerprint.

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WhatsApp is a complete innovation for the system: the update changes everything

New Most Important Message For All Users (via Screenshot)

There are always many updates in it Share. This time, however, the latest update is not about the mobile version, but something about it PC. In fact innovation comes with both Windows For that macOS. The beta version is already available for download on the Microsoft Store. More new Universal Windows App (UWP) Completely rewritten from the latest version of Whatsapp Windows 11 It also integrates updates Acrylic graphic effects. With the new operating system, the speed of the application that opens in less than a second also increases.

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The Drawing function, This allows you to draw on a special panel and send the result as a picture. Notices will be sent even if the application is closed. According to the portal Lumia updates Not only are the stickers missing, it will often be included in subsequent editions. For iOS, the updated app should work as well IPod. At present, however, there is no information on an upcoming date Mac Not even on the iPad.

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