What software uses mobile cameras for teams etc.?

Why solve complex crafts via smartphone when the simplest and most compatible solution for almost all situations should be a good webcam?

It is best to list the cameras that have already been tested and the applications that did not work with them. Then you can find a solution to it.

At home I have a Logitech C920 webcam, in the office one is from Aukey (an unknown model at the moment) and one is built into my laptop (Dell Latitude). Every camera provides a good picture for almost every application.

You could be really bad and hire the school’s IT department to provide you with the right equipment, as is the norm in every company. After all I’ve read about getting schools ready even 20 months into the pandemic, things still look pretty mediocre when it comes to digitization.

Edit 2:
By the way, there is a “Data protection settings for devices” in the Windows settings. There you can select which apps the connected devices are allowed to use. The webcam access may not have been allowed and that’s why the cameras did not work on some apps.

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