How to reset iPhone without password?

Apple has implemented a series of security measures to protect the data of its users, which are valuable to everyone’s privacy.

So if you have an iPhone and you want to reset it to factory settings, already know that you will delete all its contents. However, if you do not remember the password that will allow you to do this, here are some actions Reset your iPhone without password.

MMethod 1. How to reset iPhone without The password Using one of the best tools?

iMyFone LockWiper It is a powerful tool for unlocking iOS devices. Designed for Unlock iPhone without passcodeRemove iPhone passcode, remove Apple ID without password, remove MDM activation screen, remove screen time password.

With this program, you can easily Reset iphone without passcode.

1. Download and open iMyFone LockWiperselect mode Unlock Apple ID ” fashion.

2. Click on ” Unlock to start the process.

3. LockWiper will start unlocking the Apple ID on your iPhone.

Reset iPhone

yes ” Find my iPhone If it is enabled, you will need to reset all settings on your iPhone and LockWiper will start unlocking.

4. Then the old Apple ID and iCloud account will be erased from your iPhone.

Reset iPhone

Noticeable : Please make sure your iPhone is already activated before using the software.

[Tutoriel vidéo] How to reset iPhone without Apple ID password or screen passcode?

MMethod 2. How do Reset iPhone without password with iTunes

iTunes is recognized as a media player and media manager for Apple devices, but it also has backup restore options and can, among other things, restore the iPhone to factory settings. All you need is a USB cable or a Mac or Windows computer to connect your smartphone and the option” Find my iPhone Disabled to reset the contents of your device using iTunes.

1. Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone via USB cable.

2. Once the app recognizes the device, tap the iPhone icon, then select ” summary “.

3. Click the option iPhone reset A window will appear to confirm the operation in which you need to press “. Restores ».

4. Your device will return to factory settings after rebooting automatically.

Noticeable : For this procedure to work, it is necessary that the computer that you plugged into your iPhone is the one where you manage the contents and backups of the device, because it will ask you for permission to access them. You also need to disable Find my iPhone in the settings menu.

If you do not have the latest iOS version, the software will download and install it automatically after you click restore.

MMethod 3. How do Reset iPhone without password with iCloud

iCloud is Apple’s official cloud storage platform. With 5GB free capacity, it supports iPhone photos, contacts, notes, calendars and other content, but it is also another foolproof tool to backup and manage your cell phone.

iCloud features also include the ability to find your device, including the ability to remotely reset all content on your iPhone.

1. Go to from your computer browser and sign in to your iCloud account with your Apple ID and password.

2. Choose ” Search And enter your Apple ID password again.

3. Click onAll devices And select the iPhone you want to reset from the list that appears.

4. Click the option erase iPhone ». In the window that appears, select ” to erase to confirm the operation. The default device settings will be restored.

Noticeable : Wiping iPhone in this way requires an internet connection. If the device is not located immediately, it will be restored once it is connected to the network. everyone The data will be deleted from the mobile phone Once the process is complete and cannot be found using the remote finder tool.

Method 4: How to reset iPhone without passcode using recovery mode?

Another way to Reset All Content on iPhone It is presented through the recovery mode of the device. All iPhones have this feature Restore the device via iTunes.

It can be easily and safely accessed by pressing the power button at the same time as the home button or volume button, depending on the device model.

1. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable.

2. Press and hold the lock and volume down button on the iPhone until the device restarts and the iTunes logo and USB cable image appear on the screen.

3. A message appears in iTunes. Click the option Restores ».

4. Click on ” Restores ” And ” Update in the new iTunes popup. Click on ” Okay » To start the process of deleting content from iPhone.

Noticeable : Although this method allows you to easily delete content from your iPhone, your device may get stuck in a recovery mode loop.


You can choose between official Apple alternatives or iMyFone LockWiper to reset all data on your iPhone. Although iTunes, iCloud, or Recovery Mode are good options, they lack the security that iMyFone LockWiper offers.

Therefore, we suggest that you download and install this powerful app and reset all the data on your iPhone using the best tool available.

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