Onet le Chateau. After a successful puzzle game, zoom in at the end of the season

These holidays were put under the sign of mystery, before a promising end to the season;

The puzzle game proposed by the animators at Freemick-Aventure (an association that offers either integrated activities or customized creations, depending on the project of the community or the association), on Thursday in the cultural café, was about artificial intelligence: the participants, in the family or in groups, had to Small, solve 10 programs that have been blocked, to find the disable code. And so 10 boards are installed everywhere, giving players a chance to roam Krill and The Whale, but also outside, thanks to the beautiful sun. The latest software analyzes the answers and if everything goes well the players are rewarded!

And the end of the season

On Wednesday, May 11, Corinne Blayak’s elves will come at 3 p.m. to meet the story’s characters for story time “In an era of hyper-connectivity, is imagination an area to defend?”.

Friday, May 13 at 8:30 p.m. The return of Les Improtypes, with its impromptu café, will be a new opportunity to fill with a sense of humor.

Wednesday 25 May at 7:30 pm we will talk about wine science and try to make a difference between traditional, organic or biodynamic wines, while tasting, in the company of the Ruthenian Caves.

Thursday, June 9, from 5 p.m., will be a “board game” evening, a moment of sharing and shared life about games known or to be discovered, with MJC animators in Rodez.

On Friday, June 17 at 8:30 p.m. Nat Pica will present you with an evening of “Blind Musical Test”

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Friday June 24th, from 6:30pm, the appetizer party will mark the end of the season we’ll be celebrating with music!

remind ; Le Krill also serves snacks (by reservation only) during entertainment, but also on show nights at La Baleine, as for the Amateur Theater Festival, feel free to inquire and book (05 65 77 68 06).

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