How to send a password protected email

Use a password to send private e-mail, protected from prying eyes. over there Aggregate Email also goes through this system which allows you to exchange communications all the time safety, And take advantage of the features provided by service providers who provide this type of message. However, not all services offer this exchange methodology but only some secure service providers, such as Tutanota e Proton Mill, Which also allows, free of charge, the ability to lock their email correspondence with a pin code. How does it work and how do you send one Password protected email? Let’s find out together.

Send a password protected email, and how to do it

In order to send a file special messageIt is necessary to have an email account with one of the two services mentioned, which is password protected, ProtonMail and Tutanota. over there Registration It’s very simple and fast, and without the need to pay, you can take advantage of the free packages in just a few moments. However, it is important to remember that when sending such a connection to an insecure email account, such as Gmail or Hotmail, the Server He will be able to read the communication content, and the same is true for the object.

If push notifications are enabled, notifications on iPhone or Android can show the first lines of a message, effectively nullifying the choice of secret communication.

The case is different if you use i Customer From two secure mail services. In fact, in this case, not only is the message content downloaded, but for greater user protection and meticulously in line with privacy, it will not be possible to search the mailbox for the content.

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Send password protected email with Protonmail

ProtonelNow let’s see in detail how ProtonMail works. The service, while guarding the servers Switzerland, System uses End-to-end encryption, In a way that preserves all communications in a way that is impossible to read even by company computers. All messages sent between service users are encrypted, but as another option, the service provides the ability to send messages to Internal or external mailboxesAnd password protected. Once logged in, you can choose the item in the interface.ComposerTo start writing our email, apply in the list available on the left section of the screen.

Once the process is complete i.e. entering recipient, subject and text, you can continue sending.

To do this, clickLock Code It is located at the bottom of the page. Once done, it will be possible to enter the password (typed twice to confirm) as well as a file Auxiliary symbol To the recipient to recover it if needed. Once you have inserted the key, click on the button he sat, To secure the shipment; After that, it is possible through the hourglass symbol Set a deadline Contact, after which it will not be possible to read the e-mail.

everything is okay? we will. Just click on send And send the email to the recipient. Once the email is received, the recipient will be able to see the topic and continue reading after performing a few short steps. In fact, the connection link is in a mailbox containing a file Notice of receipt And a link to click on; Once done, the screen displays a field to fill in with the password. Once the word is entered, it is sent and the message will not be encrypted.

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Send password protected email with Tutanota

MarrowLike ProtonMail, Tutanota also offers free sending of password-protected emails. Servers are based in Germany, A country with particularly stringent data protection laws, thus offering an extremely high level of privacy to its users, even using only a free account. Emails sent via Tutanota have an advantage over those sent via ProtonMail. Actually, through this service tooThe connection topic is hiddenIn this way, an additional piece dedicated to maintaining security and confidentiality is added compared to what was previously shown.

Also, in this case, through a fast registration that does not require the use of other names or identifiers, and the only exception is the username and password, it is possible to start using the services within a few moments.

In your inbox, you can start creating a new message Adding the consignee: In this particular field Tutanota provides key entry for reading. To activate it, just click the lock icon in the field provided for the object. Once you set the password and configure the message, you can simply click Send to send the contact directly to the recipient. to Email unblocking, You must try to open the connection: in the field that appears on the screen, you enter the password and send it, so that the decrypted text appears before your eyes. In this case, however, the Email expiration date It cannot be set. The following email acts as a dividing line: Once received, the previous blocked message with a password will no longer be readable.

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Password protected mail, how do we make it secure?

Password protected emailThe first rule to making this type of connection more secure is Share password With A system that differs from e-mail Which, if hacked, will put all future communications on the streets. The same goes for shared devices: especially in the case of ProtonMail, better Avoid entering sensitive information on the topic Which may be unintentionally read in the notice. Better to postpone everything to text.

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