How to take long exposure photos with iPhone

a Photo a Long open Allows you to get a file Effect Outside my focus From Pictures in a a movementLike a waterfall or a flowing river. To achieve this effect with the camera, you need to intentionally leave the shutter open long enough to get the blur. The task is not always easy, holding the position to the camera for a long time it will be necessary to use three feet and also a filter that blocks the light, because with the shutter open for a long time the danger is to get an overexposure shot.

On the other hand, those who have a recent iPhone will be able to get a long exposure photo simply by using a special function: Live Photos.

This feature is available starting with the iPhone 6 and is also present in the latest version of the iPhone 12 and also on the iPhone SE. upon activation, He lives Pictures Converts a still photo into a short clip, records a few seconds of video when the shutter fires, then captures motion and automatically blurs it. The result is a long-exposure shot, without all the difficulties you might have with a regular SLR.

Long exposure photo: how to do it

The first step in making one Long exposure photos Perfection is the choice of the perfect subject. What you need is a scene in which there is one object in motion compared to everything else that is stationary.

For this reason, when it comes to Long exposure photos The first thought goes to waterfalls or rivers: the flow of water while the rest is still one of the most common subjects to capture to get the desired effect and practice. For those in the city, a possible shot is that of people moving on a very busy street, which could become very ghostly and suggestive paths.

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Long exposure photos with iPhone: How to activate Live Photos

Long exposure photosthe Iphone It offers a specific function for obtaining long exposure photos which is called He lives Pictures. Activating the mode is simple, just open the camera, and tap on the two circles icon surrounded by a third dashed circle, which is in the top right of the screen if the phone is portrait, or in the top left if the scene is framed horizontally. You will see a line in the frame and touching it will bring up the message He lives On the screen in a small yellow box.

Live Photos: How to Create a Long Exposure Effect

Long exposure photosAfter you take the photo with your iPhone in . format Live Photos mode, you can continue processing the image. To do this, you need to open the image in the gallery, and scroll up to view the panel Effects and scroll through the menu to exposure Long Then press . After a few seconds, the movements in the short video will disappear.

An interesting aspect of using iPhone with Live Photos is that the function can also be applied to Pictures taken before located in Galleria from the phone. If you find photos taken with التقاط Live Photos It’s still active, even if it’s an oversight, the effect exposure Long It can also be applied years later.

Long exposure photos: the secret to perfect shots

Long exposure photosThere are tricks to get perfect shots that you can do. Although the iPhone functionality does not require the use of a tripod to get one Long exposure shotThe best possible result will be by keeping the phone as still as possible while shooting.

For example, you can place the phone on a wall or any other surface that ensures stability while shooting.

For those who have to hold the phone in their hands, the advice is to bend the elbows towards their body and hold their breath during the shot, in order to blur reduction. Another tip is Take more photos While holding the position, so as to increase the possibility of a fairly stable image to obtain a satisfactory result.

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