In addition to the GeForce RTX 3090, will other affected models appear? –

Dietry in the strange case GPUs that appear to be broken Due to use Beta in the new world, Expands to other models of graphics cards, in addition to other evidence that still points to a possible link between gaming and technical events. GeForce RTX3090.

According to Igor Walosek of Igors Labs, there may be a design problem specifically related to the products EVGA, But other models seem to be broken in using the New World, but the question remains skeptical.

After the first instances where Amazon’s game graphics cards appeared to be broken, the official response came with the developers denying the allegations, but some believe the possibility of a connection between the two issues.

Well known YouTuber JayzTwoCents In particular he explored the matter and failed to reflect on the problem after updating the New World with the most recent connection, but collected other sources of previous breaks. Wide range of GPUs, Visible in the tweet below.

Considering the difference in a game that leads to a brick of hardware components the question remains highly questionable, but in the meantime many have insisted on better management of the problem by EVGA, which continued without many problems Replace At this stage it is necessary to understand whether there is really a production defect in this particular brand of GPU of broken products.

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