How to Use Android Phone Second Computer Screen, Best Applications

Do you want to enlarge your computer’s work area by making use of your mobile phone panel? Well, it is possible: You can use your Android smartphone as a second screen. For multitasking, for watching videos while browsing from computer … it is a very convenient way to take advantage of both devices.

Today’s huge cell phone screens no longer surprise anyone: what would have been a few years ago are now tiny tablets. Ordinary phones more or less. The problem may be related to the size or weight, but thanks to this huge board, they can provide an enjoyable media experience while playing movies and series. Additionally, they can act as a file The second screen of the computer If you have the right app. Let’s see what these apps are.

XDisplay Wired Splash Top

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The first app we recommend is one of the most popular apps for Android and it also provides the best compatibility between mobile phones and computers. It is suitable for Android 4 and above; With Mac and Windows versions for your customer. It is easy to use as you only need to download the client for computers, enable USB debugging on mobile phone from developer settings and connect both devices with USB cable. From this moment on and as long as there are no contradictions, You will have the computer screen spread across your smartphone board.

XDisplay Wired Splash Top It has a free version with 10-minute sessions so you can check if it works on your computers. Once confirmed, you can purchase the paid version for € 7.49.

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XDisplay Wired Splash TopXDisplay Wired Splash Top

XDisplay Wired Splash Top

XDisplay Wired Splash TopXDisplay Wired Splash Top

XDisplay Wired Splash Top

Duo screen

Very popular app on iOS and it has its own version for Android. With it, you can connect the mobile phone to the computer or use the phone as a second screen, to duplicate it and to add continuity to the PC or Mac board. It is compatible with Windows (10) and Mac (Mojave and above), and it works well, It allows you to use Android touch screen It’s very simple to use. It is one of the most recommended app for the task that we have introduced ourselves.

Duet Display is available on Android: Extend your PC or Mac screen to your tablet

Duet Display doesn’t have a beta version, so you’ll have to take the risk and in case that doesn’t work, send the app back to Google for a refund. To use dual screen, you need Android and client app for your computer.

Duo screenDuo screen

Duo screen


Our third recommendation is an app that also allows you to extend or mirror your computer desktop to a mobile screen, but only on computers: Spacedesk is not compatible with Mac computers. The application activates the WiFi connection by default, so there is a certain risk of delay in operations (it is recommended to use a USB tethering, WiFi Direct or a network cable). It is a very good app, although it is a little more unstable than previous apps. However, it is best to try it out to see if it works for you.

Spacesdesk is a free app without ads. You only need to install the app on an Android device and download the client for Windows OS from the company’s website. Pair the two devices and you will enjoy the second screen on your smartphone or tablet.

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