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Even with the 2 delays and problems of the previous Heist League, Deported route Grinding gear games can still attract a lot of fans. Following the expansion of the Atlas expansion and the release of the new echoes of the Ritual League, the free-to-play RPG has established a new peak of simultaneously connected players. According to SteamDB, 157,103 players They signed in on January 15 at the same time.

Concerned about this data Steam onlyTherefore, the actual number may be higher when taking into account the complete client of the developer. We remind you that Echo of Atlas greatly updates the final game, adding a new company called The Maven that organizes multi-pass fights. Defeating these bosses allows each region of the Atlas to invest points on passive trees, thus getting higher bonuses.

The Ritual League, on the other hand, allows players to kill enemies and earn “tribute” to high robbery. If it costs more than you buy for a particular loot, you can postpone getting it later so players can somehow control the loot they earn. Expansion and Challenge League There are currently Xbox One and PS4 versions for PC 20 January.

The head of the studio explains that the release of Path of Exile 2 is likely to take place in 2022. So it looks like players will continue into the first episode throughout 2021.

Veronica Tucker

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