How to use email instead of mobile number in iMessage

Have you ever wanted to hide your mobile number from iMessage, whether for privacy or other purposes? Have you ever wanted to use an email address instead? If you want to get an iPhone or iPad, know that it is very possible and easy to do.

Today we take you step by step on how to use email instead of mobile number in iMessage.

Apple allows users to access iMessage with their cell phone numbers or email addresses, but the point is that when you set up the service on your iPhone, your cell phone number is used by default.

Some users may want to keep their personal cell phone numbers private and not share them with everyone they talk to in iMessage.

How to use an email address in iMessage

To be able to perform these actions, you will first need to configure iMessage to use your Apple ID, which will unblock email addresses associated with your Apple account for use with the service. Once done, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to “Settings”.

2. In the settings menu, scroll down and select “Messages” to see your settings.

3. Then click on the “Send and Receive” option to continue. Make sure you can see more than one address here.

4. Here, select your email address to set up “Start New Conversations From” to make sure that new people you’re texting don’t receive your cell phone number. Or, if you want to completely stop using your mobile number and make it inaccessible to iMessage, follow Step 5 below.

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5. Select your mobile phone number in the “iMessages can be received from” tab and sent. By clicking on it, the option to delete it will appear. Then select Remove and your mobile number will no longer be associated with iMessage.

Remove iMessage Number and Facetime

There is still something to be aware of. Removing your mobile number from iMessage will also remove it from FaceTime, as you will see in the final confirmation message. So it might not be the best option if you want to use your phone number to make FaceTime calls.

With this note in mind, you can continue to use iMessage with only your email address.

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