Google’s quantum computer is used to create a new state of matter: the ‘time crystal’

For more than 10 years, scientists have theorized about the crystal of time, a strange, hitherto unknown state of matter. However, it appears that a group of researchers has been able to prove the existence of matter using Google’s quantum computer.

First of all, it is important to understand what these “time crystals” will be. In physics, crystals are defined as a series of atoms that are arranged sequentially and repeatedly, forming equal patterns. The difference with other materials lies precisely in their organization. In nature there is ice, salt and other crystals. Water, for example, is symmetric in the liquid state, but when it freezes, this symmetry breaks and the liquid turns into a crystal.

A Time Crystal will have a pattern that repeats after a certain period of time and not a physical distance. These particles can, rather than act as a spatial barrier, act using time.

time crystal

Applications of this cannot be fully measured. The most obvious use would be to create more accurate time and clock models than current atomic clocks. It can even allow the creation of perpetual motion devices. Computing can also be completely revolutionized with this state of matter.

But of course, this is all in theory. However, a study published this week may be able to prove the existence of this substance, until then it has been treated with skepticism by much of the scientific community. The research was conducted by Princeton and Stanford universities, as well as the Google team. The results are preliminary and have not yet been reviewed.

The search giant’s quantum computer used a sycamore manipulation to change the interaction between 20 qubits, which are units of quantum information. The result of this change in the force applied between the molecules may have led to the new state. “We have applied a continuous family of phase-controlled tunable gates in a superconducting qubit array to experimentally observe a clean-state ordered time crystal,” says an excerpt of the research.

The next steps are to analyze the results of the research and confirm whether the presence of crystals has already been demonstrated. Currently, the study is a way to show the potential of the material more than its application itself. It must be use for the future.

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