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Are you passionate about fashion? So you already understood what would happen if you named an open-mouthed crocodile, an athlete on horseback or a lion in a profile: you would never think of the world of zoology or Olympic sports, but immediately think of some brands that have imposed polo as a status symbol.

For nearly a century, this short-sleeved t-shirt known as “polo” has become more than just dress code: the dress that combines elegance, comfort and prestige. But in reality, long-sleeved polo shirts also exist, which are perfect for the mid-season but are practical and stylish.

Sometimes it is worn with the collar pull, sometimes with the buttons open, and sometimes it is worn in a very discreet manner, and is worn until the last button, the polo is functional, it is fresh, it is made of a healthy fabric like cotton and it is also the ideal unisex wear to highlight the chest muscles and biceps For the athletic man as well as for distinguishing the beautiful curves of a beautiful girl. So much so, that at the end of the last century, in the 1970s from student protests and in the 1980s by the outbreak of the “Youbi” phenomenon, the polo shirt acquired a reputation for somewhat “cool” clothing.

For all of these reasons, use the Custom embroidered polo shirts It will give your company that extra touch, that image of status, that defining feature that can make you stand out.

A special gift for an important client, something aesthetically pleasing to display in your booth at a major international exhibition, an award for a particularly trusted employee, a kind of “uniform”, discreet and great taste, for the employees who work for them. For golf club employees or resort employees, in the bathroom but also comfortably in the factory or in the office, have you seen the number of practical and elegant uses for a polo shirt with your business logo embroidered on it lends itself to?

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So, embroidery details offer those details for even more eye-catching prestige: today there are highly specialized machines that are able to reproduce a brand that also features in different colors and with great precision through the use of several needles. Technology combining the skill and taste of traditional clothing, as if it were a handcrafted “unique piece”. It is clear that with the reasonable costs that modern large-scale productions allow.

So far we have spoken of polo as a “status symbol”, more than just a piece of clothing, it is a true symbol of 20th century dress. But these embroidery techniques can also be combined with other accessories, such as a hat or even a personal protective device that has become indispensable since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the world: the mask. So you can also combine your company logo with an object that saves lives!

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