How was a game born among students the most famous word in the world?

We are in the 1830s in Boston, USA. Just as today’s teens do with abbreviations for communication by SMS such as “TKT” for “T’inquiètes” or “OKLM” for “Calm”, the city’s young intellectuals enjoy in abbreviate words and phrases, But incorrectly.

for example, “Okay ” (“OK”), they write it not ALL RIGHT BUT OLL WRIGHT. What acronym gives “OW”. But among all their shortcuts, there is one that will be very successful. “Everything is right” becomes “everything is right” in English “Correct oll”. Short result: OK. This OK traded in Boston And beyond the circle of creators wins the letters of the nobles March 23, 1839 When it was first printed in a city newspaper.

But it is a presidential election that will surely make him popular across the United States. In 1840, the US President Martin Van Buren He is a candidate for re-election. But, like Joe Biden not long ago, his opponents at an advanced age attacked him and gave him a nickname Old Kinderhook, home town. In English, Old Kinderhook which gives an abbreviation Yes.

Van Buren loses the election but this OK will remain and become universal in the wake of the arrival of the telegraph where OK, the process for writing, becomes the word sent to validate the reception of the message and nearly two centuries later, the most used word in the world before “mom”.

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