Press start: all the art of video games can be explored at the Pompidou Center

At the crossroads of the arts, video games no longer have to prove their cultural impact on society. A discovery that prompts the Pompidou Center and the Library of Public Information (BPI) to explore all its aspects and present the ninth edition of the Press Start Festival from September 22nd.

The event will be held in the Library of the Center Pompidou in Paris, but also partially online for Internet users who wish to follow specific interventions by the game makers. This year, Press Start will focus on the theme of animals within this media.

From Final Fantasy Chocobos to Pokémon through Braving Rapids, heroic mice from Ghost of a Tale or even paper creatures from Paper Beast, animals have always had a special place in video games. In particular, this will be the full topic of the Video Games Forum on Saturday 25 September, which will address the question “From nature to virtual worlds” from 2 pm to 6 pm at the Pompidou Center.

Journalists Erwan Carrillo and Jean Zeid will host a debate with star Eric Shahi, father of another world, Heart of Darkness games or even the recent Paper Beast in virtual reality. The person who was recently awarded the National Medal of Merit by the Minister of Culture, Roselyn Bachelot, will be accompanied by Vincent Becnot, President of Studio Gambellis and Cedric Babouche, founder of the studio Un je ne sais quoi.

Explore video game careers

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But beyond the theme of animals, Press Start intends to explore all aspects of gaming, starting with professions. in the full program (Available here), the curious will be able to discover programming workshops and others related to artistic creativity, whether about drawing, 3D tools or even music.

And what would a video game festival be without being able to appreciate some coins with a joystick in hand? The event focuses again on lesser-known French games worth a detour, such as this soccer game featuring Lamas in the Alpaca Ball League: Allstars, or the student-created Bulle, which invites playing a forest ranger.

Press start: the best video games, organized by the Public Information Bank (BPI) and the Pompidou Center, from September 22 to 27, events and workshops are recommended by reservation.

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