HTC’s award-winning VR Fitness Headset even before its release, but what makes it so special?

(ETX Studio) – A mysterious HTC designed VR headset has appeared on the Universal Design Guide website. It has already won the award for best design in the ‘Products’ category. However, it has not been announced yet, and it is even less available.

But what is this innovation? HTC ViveAir hasn’t been announced yet but is it actually an award winner? This helmet is specially designed for virtual fitness, it is designed to improve high intensity and long-term use; It will be made of breathable fabric to help improve ventilation during strenuous workouts. The design of this product will allow helmet components to be removed for very easy washing. So is this an information leak for a device that could potentially be announced during the VIVECON event? The answer is no. This helmet is nothing more than a concept … for now. In a statement provided to UploadVR, HTC confirmed that ViveAir is not a genuine product.

“It is exciting to see our concept piece, the VIVE Air VR headset, winning the iF Design Award,” the statement reads. “Although this is just a concept, the design contains elements and inspiration that you will find elsewhere in our products. We are not the type to be content with, so while we are thrilled to win this award, we have some work to solve – we hope to see you.” On May 11 and 12 at VIVECON.

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In the photos available on the manufacturer’s website, we can guess that the headset will be both standalone and wireless. One of the ways HTC can spark the interest of its customers in the future is before ViveFocus’s successor is released. And as the fitness rise in the virtual reality system continues to rise, some companies like FitXR have launched full monthly subscription services for virtual gyms.

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