Side by Side: A Story of Shadows

Independent Scene regularly presents new original works that are a pleasure to discover. It was announced just over a year ago, Side by Side: A Story of Shadows It was revealed today with an original trailer focusing on his narration.

Developed by Parisian studio Monochrome and published by Hatinh Interactive, the title is presented as A platform with puzzles and presenting a form of duality in its gameplay. In fact, you will be alternating between the classic 2D stages as well as the arcade in the top view. The developers are promising synergies between the different mechanics in order to solve the 45 puzzles that will spread throughout the adventure.

The plot itself will take place in the city of London in the midst of the Victorian era. Thomas, the son of the famous couple Canis, the famous national witches, has vanished. In Controls Emma, ​​one of their biggest fans, will be looking for the youngster. On your way, you’ll meet Fenton, Thomas’ adorable teddy bear, blessed with magical powers. The latter will be playable and his help will be invaluable in defeating your enemies. In fact, Emma can’t attack and thinking in order to move forward will prevail. Finally, visually, the game Provides artistic direction at the crossroads, between German Expressionism and Tim Burton.

Side by Side: A Story of Shadows Expected on Xbox One, PC, Switch and PS4 this year. The title will be playable on new generation consoles via backward compatibility.

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