Huawei: Smartwatches will soon also allow third-party apps

Huawei has announced that apps from third-party providers will also be available on its future wearables, and provides a prime example.

W.As Huawei’s smartphone sector continues to suffer from US sanctions, the Chinese group is successfully expanding its wearables segment. However, Huawei’s strict ban on the use of apps from third-party developers places restrictions on the hardware. The included operating system, Lite OS, has so far only allowed some personal adjustments and has a pre-selection of applications. Huawei has always taken care to develop it on its own. The company is using the example of a third-party app to prove this will soon be over Fitify. Among other things, it has workout and training plans ready and will be available on the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro in the future.

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Support for application developers

In order to attract more developers, the tech group says it wants to support them in the entire development process of the app in question. For this purpose, Huawei provides everything in a suite that is essential for app integration on wearables. The group plans to provide support thereafter through sales and data analysis for the created application. Presumably, Huawei’s high sales figures for wearables and associated leads may interest development teams. However, the whole thing has one drawback: while some smartwatch models so far have an impressive battery life of up to two weeks, this can be drastically reduced with additional apps.

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