Human Strategy Game: Adapting to ARM in Macs in Limbo

The Mac version of the human global strategy game still has problems and annoys buyers. The Mac version was supposed to be released at the same time as Windows, but it ran into performance and stability issues during testing, development studio Amplitude reported on Steam. As a result, it was decided to release the Mac version later and initially available as a beta version, which is now available. Amplitude is working on a new beta that will clear the vulnerabilities and then become the official release, according to the game’s developers.

The strategy game has so far been designed only for Intel Macs, and the future of the original planned for new ARM Macs with Apple’s M1 chip suddenly seems uncertain: They were surprised by the scale and complexity of the mods needed for ARM processors, explains Amplitude. The game was designed for x86 chips and they couldn’t get to “Information and Hardware” early enough to ensure compatibility.

The original release for M1 Macs will likely take several months, and the question of whether “satisfactory results” will be obtained remains open – so an ARM release cannot be guaranteed “at the moment”, the developers admit.

The ad receives little understanding among ARM Mac users. Other games – including big rival Civilization – run normally in Apple’s Rosetta translation layer, and some other games are now available originally for Apple’s M1 chip.

They want to apologize to M1 Mac owners for the long delay, writes Amplitude, and offer to request a refund. Amplitude distributes the game through Steam for Windows PC and Mac, among others, and the Play Store does not distinguish between Intel and ARM Macs.

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