Pokémon UNITE: Schlaraffel im Halloween-Event

The MOBA title “Pokémon UNITE” has been released for free for Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS mobile devices this year. A mixture of the popular genre, the most famous representative of which is “League of Legends”, Cute Monsters has been well received all over the world. The game kicked off its first seasonal event on October 20. The reason for this is – unsurprisingly – Halloween.

Schlaraffel honors

However, the announced newcomer, who will accompany the event, does not initially create the atmosphere of Halloween. Pokémon Schlaraffel is round, cute and not at all scary. The monster may be able to defeat his opponents in the game with the help of his abilities. The squirrel will belong to the class of defender and will be especially active in close combat. His experiences include eating berries, which increases his combat power.

The good stuff in the game and the pumpkin mess

Fans of cosmetic content are the biggest winners of the Halloween fest: developer TiMi offers many skins for avatars of trainers and their Pokémon. Witch hats, pumpkin heads, and other accessories can be unlocked in the in-game store. Pocket monster costumes are especially chic: Turtok wears a firefighter costume and Knuddeluff goes to battle in his pajamas.

Mer stadium furniture will be changed to match. Coherent night lighting provides a great atmosphere for a special Halloween setting, as the opposite Pokemon transform into a pumpkin and throw fruits at it. This will probably turn out to be more of a mess than a sour thing, but at least the Water Pokémon can be easily cleaned up after every game. The in-game event will run until November 7.

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