Hypothetical events: an encounter in the third dimension – knowledge

The Hamburg Jazz Festival was held in a virtual harbor hall in 2020. Photo: Bizzlogic / Fabio Buccheri

The Hamburg Jazz Festival took place in a virtual harbor hall in 2020.

Photo: Bizzlogic / Fabio Buccheri

Trade fairs and conferences, as well as exhibitions and concerts, are recently held in 3D worlds. Virtual reality enables meetings between people who move as computer characters across digital spaces.

Volunteer: Leonie Rothker (LRO)

Hamburg / Ulm – Elbjazz Festival, Zukunft Personal Europe, mRNA international health conference: These events usually have little in common. In 2020, they unite that they cannot all happen on-site due to the coronavirus pandemic. The manufacturers find a solution as creative as it is innovative: they move the events at least in part to virtual rooms. They go a step further than many other organizers who have set up a digital program with video conferencing, live broadcasts, and chat functions. We answer the most important questions about events in Virtual Reality (VR).

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