“I don’t know if it’s red; the game was fast”

Lucas Vasquez, Spanish player from real MadridHe confessed that he did not know “whether the expulsion of the Swiss was red or not.” Remo Frolier In the 18th minute, after a mistake on the French Ferland Mindy On the edge of the area, which ended in conditioning a match that ended in a 0-1 victory for his team thanks to a goal by the French defender in the 86th minute.

These are details. Because of the experience we have ChampionsQualifiers are always determined by details. The game was very fast. I don’t know if it’s red or not. The desired goal is who is this He said Wednesday at Movistar + that it is a huge goal and we are very happy for it.

“We got the result that we got, we knew it was hard to condemn a draw. We came to play a very difficult game against a great opponent.” He said of the meeting, “The result is fair and the victory is deserved.”

a Lucas Vasquez Who also emphasized the work done when they played in equal numbers: “The game got complicated. After they were sent off, they came back a lot and we controlled the game from start to finish. When we played 11 against 11, we played a very good game. Then they come back and find it difficult to find Spaces, but in the end we had that goal who is this This gives us victory and makes us leave happy, but bearing in mind that equality is not resolved.

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