Virtual reality to make old people travel

It is now possible to travel the world from a home for the elderly. Some are skiing for the first time, others swim with sharks, all without leaving their chair. “I have a new world in front of me, but I feel comfortable.”Renee Drosso, user comment. For a month the nursing home Foch senior service Virtual Reality Headset Tests. Comfort for many after a painful confinement period.

If virtual reality makes you travel, it makes the memory work as well. One of the residents said to herself “Soaked in the landscape” Northern lights that reminded him of his trip to Norway, “happy memory”. “It appeals to a memory a little further away, and specifically, to return to distant memories, it creates an exchange, so it is a tool for socialization because we want to share what we experienced.”Charlene Abelard, accommodation manager, explains.

Roman Artico, researcher, Ile-de-France, GerontopolDr France, however, cautions about associated cyber threats “The gap between what a person sees in the helmet and what it feels like”. Professionals recommend a gradual immersion in a familiar environment and avoiding hyper-dynamic images.


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