“I love you so much”, Giffina comes out openly: Unexpected expression

GF VIP’s rival comes out and reveals he’s in love: Unexpected revelation made everyone shut up!

Big Brother VIP continues to impress millions of Italians who love reality TV with incredible revelations.

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Within the walls of the GF VIP house, contestants are slowly revealing their most hidden secrets: for the past few hours it has been the turn of Soleil Surge! One of the protagonists of the current edition of Big Brother, the former lawyer for men and women and the former shipwreck of L’Isola dei Famosi! A month ago, at a moment when Francesca made a ‘confession’ with Cipriani, Sorge was already allowed to go into confession: she revealed that she was attracted to a man. Without adding any details, he left his residents and visitors at home. He has finally told the whole truth in the last few hours.

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“I love you so much”, Giffina comes out openly: Unexpected expression

Finally, Soleil Sorge comes out and tells the whole truth about his ‘secret relationship’ outside the GF VIP mansion.

Soleil Fonte Mediaset Rises

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The contestant on the reality show has revealed that she is not alone: ​​a man is waiting for her outside the house and she is in love with him so much! “There is one person I love so much. He will not come here and will not express himself in public. “ Solail agrees with his adventure companions Manila and Sophie.

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Soleil Fonte Mediaset Rises

It started with a drone flying over the VIP GF house with a coded message for one of the contestants. “Our hearts have long been parted and I can’t wait to look into your eyes and talk to you.“Dedication flew to the most spy house in Italy. It’s an instant hunter!

Last night, Telia Duran solved the mystery: she was the one who sent the message to her husband Alex Belle, a GF VIP rival.

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