The new Whatsapp for PC is beautiful and already available (on Windows)

Portal Lumia updates I found something very interesting Whatsapp desktop processor related news, Both in its version Windows Than that macOS. The application is in beta, but you can already download it Microsoft Store Access all messages instantly.

New Universal Windows App It’s completely new to Whatsapp (UWP), and integrates the updated acrylic graphic effects into its Windows 11 version. The application is very fast, with Start time is only 1 second, Integrates innovations like this Drawing function, This allows you to draw on a dedicated panel and send the result as a picture Notifications even when the application is closed And New Settings menu. According to Lumia Updates, there are no stickers, but they will be included in later versions of the beta and will be in the final version of the app.

Credit: Lumia Updates

As initially expected the new application will also be available for MacOS, and there is no shortage of news here. Based on that Mac Catalyst, It allows you to share application code between Mac and iPad: this means that there must be a future version of Whatsapp for MacOS. Works on iPad too. The two versions of the processor are very similar, except that one for the iPod should have upgrades to make it easier to use with a touch screen.

However, for Windows, there is already a beta version of the new application Available in shop, Apple users are not happy about the situation: There is no information about the arrival of this new version of Whatsapp Your Mac Also, the iPod version will not be available until the MacOS version is available, which is highly anticipated by many Apple users.

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