iMac Pro: Apple takes stock of the Apple Store

The iMac Pro appears to be living its final moments on the Apple Store. His page stated that This device is available « Within the limits of available stock », Additionally, there is no longer any way to customize the configuration. Take it or leave it.

This is the model with a 27-inch 5K display, Xeon W 10 cores with a frequency of 3 GHz, 32 GB of RAM and 1 TB of SSD, and Radeon Pro Vega 56/8 GB, all of which sell for 5,499 euros. At amazon To 5,090 euros (- € 409). Note that the iMac Pro is there On renewal Since summer 2018, from 4,209 euros.

This change in Apple Store is very recent, Google’s cache indicates that the page has been modified in the last 24 or 48 hours. As for Amazon, the discount is also unprecedented. It’s not uncommon for Apple to display this type of message on its product pages, maybe even the first time (?)

A few days ago, the 21-inch iMac was the best. Exclusively in this model, not 27, 512 GB and 1 TB SSD options are not available. That is still the case today. All this against the backdrop of recent rumors of a major revamp of iMacs and the entry into operation of a second Mac Pro.

The iMac Pro was announced in December 2017, at a time when there was a huge loophole in the powerful desktop lineup, as the 2013 Mac Pro was written off.

Since then, the black monoblock has evolved only marginally with a few additional options in its options but without a real update to this product.

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