Stop the tools that praise the mafia, suggestion of a consultant from Ragusa

Stop with the images, gadgets and slogans that unite the image of backward Sicily and praise the mafia. This is the meaning of the suggestion of Ragusa del Bede Municipal Councilor, Mario Dasta, who urges an initiative not only local to prevent the spread of gadgets and images that harm Sicily and those who have fought the mafia and continue to fight it.

“Sicily is culture, art, hospitality, food and wine, and in 2021 we cannot allow tourists to distinguish our gorgeous island with mafia images and gadgets that reflect an ancient and unified vision that we want to get rid of,” explains Mario D’Access who does not want to stop at just denouncing the truth.

“This initiative stems from thinking about Ragusa. The case concerns the sale of “mafia” gadgets, T-shirts, and magnets praising the mafia and not only about Ragusa.. Why should tourists buy these items? Is it possible that there are also companies that make the mafia a brand? I say it is not fair the mafia suffers, abuse, injustice, it cannot be a tool to take home. It’s an image that we don’t feel the need for. Sicily is another thing. It is art, culture and hospitality, and this is what we would like tourists to bring with them when they visit our land. ”

“Battle” Dasta hopes to also marry at the regional, national and European levels. “For me it is just a fight of non-citizens.” We will propose a proposal of a cultural nature in Ragusa City Council, and we are checking whether it is possible to proceed with a decree or regulation prohibiting the sale of such products.

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Regionally, there is also an affinity for Italia Viva; After the Democratic Party after my initiative organized an initiative on the web there is Action and the 5 Stars available and I listened to the Honorable Fausto Raciti who is a member of the Democratic Party in the room. I’m counting on engaging Pietro Bartolo and Katrina Chenese to bring this issue to the European tables as well. I hope that it will be a common battle shared by anyone who believes in this matter, which can also lead to a cultural change. ”

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