ImmenCité, the board game to break clichés

The board game “ImmenCité”, about the difficulties faced by people living on the streets, was presented on Monday afternoon in Brussels by the associations Cultures & Santé and DoucheFLUX.

“This game was born out of an idea by Didier L., who spent 20 years on the street and is now dead,” said Laurent Dorsel, representative of the Immunities Guild and volunteer co-director of the Reception Centre. LinkShowerFLOW./Link “He told me he was tired of hearing about the homeless and that we should play a game so we really understand what it is to live on the streets.”

The idea arose about 8 years ago, and a year and a half ago the contribution of Cultures & Santé, which specializes in continuing education and communication tools, saw it hatch.

ImmenCité can place up to 8 players around the table. Spaces are set aside for a police station, hospital, shelter or even a social restaurant. The dice allows players to move forward and the cards put obstacles in their way. They must then think of strategies to meet their basic needs and survive.

“It’s a cliché-breaking machine, which explains how people live on the street,” continues Laurent Dorcel. “We plan to make another game, or outreach tool, to explain how we fall in the street.”

About fifty copies of the ImmenCité game have been produced. It can be borrowed by associations that want to raise awareness among their audience.

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