Environment Day is Saturday!

Free walks, conferences and workshops await young and old Saturday 4th June.

With the support of the region, the administration and Carcassonneoglu, this second edition dedicated to the environment has been prepared by the municipality in partnership with several administrative and local associations. The main place for activities is La Piste but other sites in the village are also used and, in case of bad weather, the workshops will be set up in Jean-Jaurès room. From 10 a.m., targeted exhibits await visitors: the Anti-Waste Water Challenge (by children from ALAE and CIAS de Carcassonne Agglo), works made from recycled materials (primary school classes) and Water Experiments (GS-CP class). New, 9:30 PM Night walk from La Piste for stargazing with alarm clocks (bring sneakers and flashlight).

intensive program

10 a.m. Departure from La Piste: Eco trip with Project Rescue Ocean.

10 a.m. to 12 p.m., at Lac de la Métairie du Bois: Introduction to Fishing by Trout Redortaise, AAPPMA de l’Argent Double and Aude Fishing Association.

At 11 a.m., La Piste: Compost making with Matthieu Belles and relaxation workshop by Christine Léon, Naturopath.

10 a.m. and 2 p.m., La Peste: tree grafting show at Les Terres Arboretum; Environmental Citizen Actions by the Aude Claire Consortium; making toothpaste and/or juice with Covaldem; spotting titmouse with Symbiosphere; Compost, an alternative to chemicals by Mathieu Belles and start a treasure hunt around the biodiversity of the Canal du Midi with the nature of C’est ma (5 km).

At 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., the Manège (La Piste) room: fix your everyday objects (3D printer) and visit the ISS in virtual reality with the FabLab.

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2pm, Departure from Port La Fabrique (car sharing): Discovering the Estagnol Pool (with free registration at 06 08 47 29 23, provide shoes). From 2 p.m., La Piste: Detoxification of the body, Christine Lyon Conference; 3 p.m. Daily Stress Management, a lecture by Aurelie Renee; Make herbal tea with Charlotte and Armel (until 4 p.m.); gardening activities at La Maison du jardinier (until 4pm, behind the Intermarché); Botanical drawing, stories and games for children (until 5 pm).

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