Implenia is based on virtual reality in Lokstadt-Areal

March 12, 2021 10:43 am

Implenia Uses the advantages of virtual reality (VR) in the Lokstadt district of Winterthur. This is made possible thanks to a solution from the Zurich startup Higias. From the start, users have been able to immerse themselves in the virtual plaster model of the area and walk through it from various perspectives.

Thanks to the solution, the concerns of conservationists can also be quickly dispelled, Hegias wrote in a press release. Initially they had reservations about a new hotel, which should have a shipping container as a room. When the concept could be tried hypothetically, they were convinced that the “valuable fabric of the building” would be preserved and that the halls would not be completely overcrowded.

Additionally, a virtual reality solution is also beneficial for real estate marketing, according to the advertisement. Spatial understanding and experience of residential real estate are key factors in a purchasing decision. Implenia has already purchased a license for Hegias. Now you want to expand the use of the program.

“What has been missing so far in the virtual reality hack are easy-to-use software that users can use anywhere without installation and without relevant programming knowledge,” Anita Eckardt, Head of Specialties at Implenia and a member of the board of directors, quotes in the press release. “Emerging Hegias has made this possible with an intuitively operable solution for virtual reality applications – a true paradigm shift.”

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