The eight o’clock games, the game that made newspapers shiver at eight in the evening

March 22, 1976, FR3 launched a new game that will soon become the TV news game, The 20 hour games. Do you remember Mr. Capello and Decouh or even “Ni oui ni non”? Well, refreshes your memory. Your turn now!

Created by Jacques Antoine and Jacques Solines, this game consists of posing questions of general culture to famous guests (singers, comedians, or actors) and double-sided candidates from their provincial city. The program was first broadcast on March 22, 1976 on FR3, and was an instant success, overshadowing the TV news of other channels. It was redesigned to start the 1985 academic year under the name New 20 hour games, This program was discontinued at the beginning of 1987. Then it was replaced by Class Produced by Jay Lux.

Animators and guests …

Among the frequent guests, we can mention Micheline Dax, Patrick Topaloff, Mustache, Paul Prepost, Susan Gabriello, Roger Carrel, Gerard Hernandez, Daniel Prevost, Dick Rivers … the connection between the guests and the boycott is ensured in the studio by Jean-Pierre Descombs. And sometimes unexpected bidders … like Chantal Loubi, are still unknown. But the star of the show is the famous Maître Capello (Jacques Capellovici) who plays the neutral referee and defender of the French language in games like “Le dico” where he reads a definition of the word to be discovered or “The word Master Capello” or the candidates must discover the words of the sentence.

Your turn now!

“No, yes, no, no”

“If I tell you”

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Lyon residents, on both sides, must take turns guessing a word using the mentions of the show’s guests.

Jan Fulton should make you guess the word “slut.”

“Object game”

Fanny Cotenson, Bernadette Laffont, and Michel Bouguena must discover the use of the thing: “La fignolante”.

“The mime game”

Paul Préboist should imitate feelings and get the candidates to discover them.

“The last word”

Candidates must, within a limited time, submit as many expressions as possible with the word “eye” to earn money.

Le “dira-dira pas”

Jean-Pierre Foucault is trying to get the candidate to pronounce the word forbidden.

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