Importance of picking Normanton Park Condo

Normanton Park is another best location for sale and also located in the Rest of Central Region (RCR). In 2021, this is one of the grandest and biggest sales for District 05. Normanton Park Condo is a 99-years best and leasehold condominium placed in District 5, Singapore (Off Ayer Rajah Expressway). In October 2017, this is a private HUDC development and was created by the Kingsford Huray Development. Moreover, the Normanton Park Condo price is expected to be around S$830.1 million. Beyond the reserve prices, this site has an overall length of 660,999 Sq. Ft. and pricing was S$30 million. 

This condo project was developed with a total count of 1862 units or apartments including 24 storey (9 residential blocks) and 22 terrace houses. Those residential units or blocks will include 5-bedrooms, 4-bedrooms, 3-bedrooms, 2-bedrooms, and 1-bedroom types. Most of the units available within this condo could be 2-bedroom and 1-bedroom types. Normanton Park Condo is expected to showcases it’s early preview or release in late December and the official launch in January 2021.


Normanton Park Condo has a total of 1862 units including 8 shops, 22 strata landed villas, and 24 storey of 9 residential blocks. It was spread across the vast land space or size of around 660,999 Sq. Ft. which is equal to 9 football grounds or fields. The land size of over 6 hectares will offer numerous lifestyle facilities to utilize. Moreover, this development will offer the clients with sea view (only for a few higher floor units), a park, or panoramic city views. The Strata villas can be bought only by Singapore Permanent residents or Singapore Citizens. 

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It is essential to provide the LDAU approval (Land Dealing Approval Unit) from the Singapore Land Authority for purchase. You can choose your best options starting from 5-bedrooms units to 1 bedroom units and also the strata terrace units. The overall 8 retail shops include one restaurant and 7 shop units. Also, the shops are located near the main entrance, facing Science Park Drive, and in front of site development. This is much easier for facilitating public access to this restaurant and shop units.

Amenities & Facilities

Find below the list of amenities and facilities offered by the Normanton Park condo for your reference:

  • Wading pool
  • Adult Fitness Stations
  • Tennis courts
  • Barbeque Area
  • Swimming pool
  • Cafes
  • Spa pool
  • Car Park
  • Sky Lounge
  • Covered car park
  • 24 hours security
  • Children’s Playground
  • Putting Green
  • Community Garden
  • Pool Deck
  • Drop Off Point
  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Fitness corner
  • Main entrance
  • Fun pool
  • Lounge
  • Game room
  • Lift lobby
  • Lap pool
  • Gymnasium room

Normanton Park Floor Plan

Find below the list of Normanton Park Floor Plan for your reference:

5 Bedrooms (Room Sky) – Starting from 1798 Sq. Ft. to 1798 Sq. Ft.

5 Bedrooms – Starting from 1615 Sq. Ft. to 1615 Sq. Ft.

4+1 Bedrooms – Starting from 1195 Sq. Ft. to 1345 Sq. Ft.

4 Bedrooms (Terraced House) – Starting from 2110 Sq. Ft. to 2110 Sq. Ft.

4 Bedrooms (Premium) – Starting from 1313 Sq. Ft. to 1496 Sq. Ft.

3 Bedrooms (Room Sky) – Starting from 1023 Sq. Ft. to 1109 Sq. Ft.

3 Bedrooms (Premium) – Starting from 1066 Sq. Ft. to 1249 Sq. Ft.

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3 Bedrooms – Starting from 904 Sq. Ft. to 969 Sq. Ft.

2+1 Bedrooms – Starting from 829 Sq. Ft. to 980 Sq. Ft.

2 Bedrooms (Room Sky) – Starting from 753 Sq. Ft. to 797 Sq. Ft.

2 Bedrooms (Premium) – Starting from 657 Sq. Ft. to 893 Sq. Ft.

2 Bedrooms – Starting from 635 Sq. Ft. to 667 Sq. Ft.

1+1 Bedrooms – Starting from 560 Sq. Ft. to 700 Sq. Ft.

1 Bedroom (Room Sky) – Starting from 581 Sq. Ft. to 651 Sq. Ft.

1 Bedroom – Starting from 484 Sq. Ft. to 651 Sq. Ft.

Normanton Park Condo is located directly beside Kent Ridge Park and also near the Queensway. You can sit within the large plot that includes mature foliage and lush greenery surrounding the entire real estate. There are numerous recreation facilities such as Mini-mart, gymnasium, function room, tennis court, swimming pool, and many others. It is much easier and also accessible through the AYE (Ayer Rajah Expressway). Moreover, it will take only 10 minutes to reach the nearby Central Business District. This is also placed near the Anchor Point Mall, IKEA Furniture Mall, and Queenstown Shopping Central Mall. 

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