Creator Tilt Brush finished Google for a mysterious virtual reality project

Patrick Hackett, co-founder of “Tilt Brush”, leaves Google for a “very special” VR project with Studio Space Pirate Trainer

Patrick Hackett announced today that he is leaving Google after nearly six years with the company. His next project will be a VR collaboration with I-Illusions, the studio behind the classic VR Space Pirate coach.

Designer Tilt Brush: A promising new project with Studio I-Illusions

Patrick Hackett and Drew Skillman, creators of Tilt Brush, join Google at Beginning of 2015 After the company acquired the duo and applied them. They both have stayed in the studio since then.

Google officially launched the VR art app in 2016, which has been well received by its creators and doodles. The app is finally released on Oculus PC. Quest Quest, WMR and PSVR, and it was even a recurring theme on the Tonight Show.

Hackett announced today that he will leave Google after nearly six years with the company. Referring to the fallout from the events, he said: “Next week, I start working with Dirk Van Wilden and the I-Illusions team on A very, very special RV project“.

An unknown future for Titlt Brush

Dirk Van Welden is the president of I-Illusions, the studio that created the classic Space Pirate Trainer in virtual reality. Although Hackett collaborates with the studio, he stresses, “I’ll be independent again, so I’d like to know if you have a root project that you want to collaborate on,” indicating that he’s not directly joining the team.

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As Google abandoned its virtual reality ambitions in 2018, the company recently announced that it will shut down Poly, its 3D model hosting site that also functions as a repository for storing and sharing content with Tilt Brush.

While Tilt Brush itself will continue to operate forever, it is uncertain whether the app will be actively developed beyond maintenance needs, although Mr. Hackett says:You have left Tilt Brush in good hands With a solid plan for the future. Keep listening. “

Drew Skellman, another co-founder of Tilt Brush, continues to work at Google but has changed projects for a long time, according to his LinkedIn profile.

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