Impressively! Before Your Eyes: Control the game by blinking

Behind this gameplay with its unique gameplay controls, there is not only 10 years of intense action, but also depth and a lot of creativity. The award-winning computer game Before Your Eyes is controlled with two eyes via a webcam – more precisely: by flash. “While keeping our eyes open allows us to see, closing them can sometimes reveal what we hide from ourselves,” said Skybound Games CEO Ian Howe.

From this announcement, you can tell that the narrative adventure is very emotional. Ian Howe reveals, “Most of us on Skybound shed tears while gaming.” It’s about past lives, happy and sad moments – and self-discovery.

The infectious agent will lead you to the afterlife

It is played “before your eyes” in first-person view. The game character dies and is accompanied by a navigator to the afterlife. He looks back at his life. Every time the player flashes, a new chapter opens. You look back at the most revived moments: first love, professional work, hobbies. But the ferry is sure there must be more, and it leads the player deeper into depth – down to pent up and sometimes heartbreaking secrets. “We’ve been working on this game since college – nearly a decade,” said Oliver Lewin, game director and composer.

Flashing technology

To summon Sections of Life or make them disappear again, the player must blink at the webcam. This is how he interacts with the world. Memories flash and the story is put together. In the end there is the ultimate truth. Using innovative blink technology and a fully audio story, “Before Your Eyes” tells the story of the expectations we place on ourselves and the feelings of regret we carry within us.

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The game description on STEAM states: “A previous version of this game called Close Your Game Developers Choice Award was honored in Indiecade and a Student Award in Independent Game Awards (IGF) before it was honored by a successful Kickstarter funded campaign. Run “before your eyes” 8. April 2021 To be published.

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