In 2022 it will be completely new

To Europe – The new intro is in the corner Toyota Ico, City car coming to dealerships in January 2022. Despite the previous name, the third generation of this city car is completely new. Not just in appearance, but because it uses the Yaris DNGA-B operating system. Saying goodbye to the backbone shared by previous generations with the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108 should allow us to build a more spacious, technical and safer car. The new Toyota Aiko, developed by a European subsidiary of the Japanese company, was previously part of the PSA Group at the Colin plant in the Czech Republic and will now be manufactured under Toyota’s sole control.

Like a little shortcut – The Toyota Ico 2022 Based on the spy photos, as shown by our reconstruction, there will be patterns inspired by the shortcuts (In the diagram above), With the muscular body and raised from the floor. Slightly longer than the current model (it measures 347 cm), it is distinguished by sleek LED light strips, vertical headlights and attractive headlights attached to wheels and a high belt line fixed at all four ends of the body. . There is a small spoiler above the sloping rear window; There are bars in the “flush” position on the roof.

There is no pure electricity – With a choice facing the competition, The Toyota Has decided to propose something new Iko With only Petrol enginesIn fact, an electrical variation is not expected. However, the next arrival of truly special hybrid machines of the Japanese house was not excluded.

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