[IN AGGIORNAMENTO] GameStop: PlayStation 5 is on sale now!

Update 15:35: Only available with disk bundle!

Satisfying day for hunters PlayStation 5! In fact, in addition to sales, we point it out The PS5 digital version now takes place on the pages of Media World, Gamestop also offers us a sale that comes back to the office and, as usual, opens its doors Starts at 3:30 pm!

Definitely good news for everyone Prime Day 2021 It gave us no satisfaction in this sense, and did not renew the Amazon console on the occasion of these two serious days dedicated to discounts. Fortunately, Gamestop is not a waste of time, And has opened new weekly sales PlayStation 5, Will immediately open its sales queue.

As always, so, You can not buy the console for free, But one thing above all, you have to abide by certain rules, including participating in the aforementioned queue, to put yourself in the “digital queue”.

» Click here to buy the PlayStation 5 «

» Click here to buy the digital version of the PlayStation 5 «

In this sense, we refer to sorting it out Your purchase is not guaranteedIt is not uncommon for a user to log into a site because requests to access the site are handled automatically. The consoles are already finished, Especially the limited number of products available. In any case, we recommend taking some precautionary measures to maximize your purchasing power, namely:

  • You make sure Clear your browser cache Before queue;
  • Avoid reloading the page, Which will reset your priority in the queue so that you may not access the portal in a timely manner;
  • Open the page As long as you are inside the site.

Having said this, we inform you that this time there is no definite news yet in the sales formula of the portal. PlayStation 5 Through the “traditional” bundles that the chain has provided for some time. If so (at least usually, it’s clear that some consoles are available for sale in bulk), this would indicate a purchase PlayStation 5 You have to create something, by the power of circumstances 2 customizable bundles This requires a minimal purchase of the product, which, as you might guess, means you have to buy the console you need to make. Put it in the shopping cart with other items Including gadgets, accessories and games.

PS5 Bundle GameStop

Accordingly – we reiterate – we are not yet sure if today’s sales will be through bundles, if so, now the usual shop rules will definitely be repeated. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Can only be purchased by adding at least 4 products to the cart, e.g. PlayStation 5 with Disk Player Available with at least 5 products. However, in both cases, you have a limit “Only one product per category” For example, it Only one extra pad can be purchasedWhen this restriction is limited to video games, you have the option to purchase at least 2 titles per custom bundle. Anyway, we remind you that you will be Duty Buy products other than the console, because the fee will not be opened The cart is not considered complete.

So, GameStop reaffirms its bundled purchase formula, which means – at least to date – that the only commitment to buying the console in practice is, as you know, due in the long run. Lack of components Due to COVID-19, Which is not yet breathtaking in a production perspective, which is the situation where this sale “fits and starts” on almost any site? Not before 2023!

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» Click here to buy the PlayStation 5 «

» Click here to buy the digital version of the PlayStation 5 «

In closing, we guarantee it We will keep the situation under constant control We will update this article as soon as the opportunity arises. In the meantime, however, we refer you to us Four telegram channels are dedicated to offers, This is the best place to get instant information about upcoming availability PlayStation 5, And we will provide you with real at all times Discounts, Hardware & Technology, Clothing and sportswear And products The Chinese. Happy shopping and good luck!

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