OPEN: Two Tools to Support Childhood Cancer Research

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Today and tomorrow, two tools will be on display to contribute to research and give hope for the future to children

Salerno, June 22, 2021 Two days to contribute to the research on childhood cancer. Today and tomorrow, June 22 and 23, at the Chicca Collezioni store in Piazza Portanova, anyone can give hope of a tough chance to the young warriors who fight every day. OPEN onlus and the Society for Pediatric Oncology and Neuroblastoma have two possibilities, both as a result of an original and unique idea to support research on pediatric cancer and to ensure assistance for families of sick children who, due to a target also imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic, have more urgent needs.
The fan that combines a truly original tool. Flamenco fans in bright colors, plain or decorated with lace, imported directly from Spain. Born for fun with simple word of mouth, this initiative has spread among ladies who combine different colors that complement your summer or winter looks. Due to its unusual size (31.5 cm to 58 cm in height), it is ergonomically efficient, and can lift a lot of air with a few slow movements. Its use in summer is indisputable but also useful in winter in the theatre, at the disco and at weddings. Volcanic authors Franco Ricciardi, Laura Pausini, and Sergio Assisi also shared their great appreciation for the fan.
LA BAGETTA Designed by Nietta Garzilli, the BagEtta is entirely handcrafted. It is made of high quality materials, exclusively Italian. Lined in silk and embellished with trimmings, jewel buttons, leather inserts, and chains, it’s a one-of-a-kind piece that stands out with its style and personality, each one different from the other in colour, shape, size, finishes or details


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