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Android Auto 7.6 is in distribution; In fact it has been a few days, but in the last few hours it seems that Google has decided to speed up this process considerably, perhaps after finding the first testers, no bugs or other serious issues with the build. At this time, no official changelog has been released, which states that the news is relatively low. The release may include bug fixes and any user experience improvements.

Strictly speaking, there is a changelog, but it’s long overdue – we’ve been taking it since version 6.x. No traces of deep graphic restoration yet Leaked several months ago and codenamed Coolwalk, it upgraded the apps interface to Material U and is very similar to Apple’s parallel CarPlay. At that time we talked about it in detail:

If you have not yet received the update and for some reason can not wait to install the update (who knows, the current version may cause you problems?) You can contact the inevitable. APK Mirror, There are two versions – one for Arm64 architectural processors and one for Armeabi architectural processors. Be careful downloading the right version for your processor – it should be on most current smartphones Hand 64Armeabi (also known as Arm embedded Application Binary Interface) is a generic variant (still 32-bit) designed to maximize compatibility with any device.

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