Free mobile: Free calls and SMS with Ukraine have been extended until the end of May

Free Mobile is expanding its operations in favor of telephone exchanges between Ukraine and France. Free calls and texts have been extended until the end of May 2022.

Free Mobile is expanding its initiative to communicate free of charge with people in Ukraine. at Tweet posted on April 29, the operator reported that the period of absence of telecommunication bills to and from Ukraine has been extended until May 31. The gesture was initially limited to March 31, 2022, and the gesture was first extended until the end of April.

The four major French operators ended up, for a long time or less, offering connections with Ukraine. // Source: Nomirama Editorial

Free calls and messages with Ukraine

Free Mobile is not the only operator that took this initiative: its three competitors (Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom) ended up offering exchanges between France and Ukraine. Only Free Mobile is currently planning until the end of May. Other operators have not announced going beyond the end of April/beginning of May.

Thus, orange indicates thatOffered connections until April 29, 2022. SFR, for its part, handled these expenses until May 2, 2022. Bouygues Telecom did the same for an announced one-month period. Free Mobile has also created a plan for Ukrainian refugees in France, which is free for two months.

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Source: Jeoffrey Lecomte

Source: Nomirama

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