In Brest, Anna makes her portable tea and crebrie, which are pulled by bicycle

“I have two love, pancakes and veggies.” Like her idol Josephine Baker, Anna Muller turned her passion into her job. The story begins in August 2000. While working in a bar in Brittany, a colleague made her try her first salted caramel pie with butter. Instant love at first sight for this French-Polish woman who arrived in Brest 30 years ago. “These two tastes together were an inspiration,” she recalls as if it was yesterday.

Crepe Maker and Herbs

A few years later, Anna took courses in herbal medicine at Pleonore Minis (29). “As in the school of wizards in Harry Potter,” she studies the properties of aromatic and medicinal plants. The profession of herbal medicine was devoted to pharmacists, and she decided to use her expertise differently, by making herbal teas and wildflower jelly. An atypical biography supplemented by Anna by enrolling in an apprenticeship at a crepe maker in Brest.

I didn’t want to stay between four walls. I desperately need movement

Five years later, she finally decided to carry out her own wandering herbal tea baptism project I have two love. “I didn’t want to stay between four walls. I desperately needed movement.” After thinking about the food cart and caravan, she finally decided to ride a bike to pull out her mobile kitchen. In total, his equipment cost him 12,000 euros.

Once loaded with workers and components, the trailer will weigh approximately 150 kg (Photo Anna Péron / Le Télégramme)

vegetable pancakes

Behind the stove, “Anna doesn’t feel like she’s working” and lets her creativity speak. his specialty? Pie with lilac flower jelly that combines his passion. “Some of the flavors don’t mix, but this one tastes great,” she explains proudly. Its menu includes savory and sweet pancakes. The one peculiarity – not the least -: The crepe maker has virtually banned foods of animal origin. Eggs, milk or cheese are substituted in a recipe that the chef will keep “secret”.

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Pancakes, I will eat them too. So, they must be eliminated!

Anna received her teaser trailer on Monday, April 25th. For the bike, we still have to wait. Fortunately, it’s electric. Once loaded with workers and rim, it will have to tow approximately 150kg. “Pancakes, I’ll eat them too. So, they should be eliminated! She’s kidding. She plans to officially launch them in mid-May at the Kerinou and Saint-Louis markets in Brest. At 48, Brestoise intends to live her passion for travel as long as her legs allow her to pedal.” .

Anna Muller received a trailer for her project to make a tea creperie.  In Brest on April 27, 2022
(Photo: Anna Peron/Telegram)

We note that cat online Launched by Anna Muller to fund her ongoing project

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