In Game Pass at release with in-game natural disasters?

Arguably one of the most anticipated shooting games this year. A new Battlefield is planned For this fall On the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC, as well as older gaming consoles, they should be introduced in the coming weeks. In the meantime, several rumors seem to be unveiling the first details about Electronic Arts and DICE’s future hit.

The next battlefield with dynamic weather and natural disasters?

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Through his Twitter account, Tom Henderson has announced insider details about his next installment of Battlefield. The man reiterates that the name of the game is simply “Battlefield” as many rumors have indicated. Handerson also stresses that weather must play an important role in the game.

In Battlefield, explosions aren’t the only ones that can destroy and collapse buildings. Mother Nature could do more harm.

The user also tweeted four photos with a tsunami, tornado, volcano and an earthquake. These words correspond to the world of the game, as we find many destructible items in the previous games. This new rumor is interesting and adds to the long list like Extremely Crisp Playable up to 128 players, Cross-platform with Desire to be inspired by Battlefield 3.

The first day game card?

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The rumors don’t stop there. According to Shpeshal Ed insider this time around, there’s a possibility that the next Battlefield might be included once released in Microsoft’s Game Pass.

In a recent podcast on the YouTube channel TheXboxEra, The man mentioned that it is very likely that a third-party FPS will be launched on the service. Thanks to the many insider hints, we have two options: Call of Duty or Battlefield.

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On the Call of Duty side, its publisher Activison is on very good terms with Sony and PlayStation. Still, this is unlikely. For Microsoft, these are close to Electronic Arts and even offer EA Play in Game Pass Ultimate. So insiders seem to point out that an agreement to integrate the next Battlefield can be found once it is released in the Game Pass, and not on EA Play (also available on PS5). The case should continue, but this again can be a very good Microsoft service process.

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